May 5th, 2018 Bill Sardi with more on baking soda and Simon Cheng, founder and CEO of Pique Tea

May 5, 2018

If you heard the show last week, you know that, due to technical difficulties, I had to go it alone for the first segment talking about inflammation and autoimmune disease before we finally connected with Bill Sardi.* He told us about the fascinating research on the baking soda remedy for those conditions. I invited him back this week for the first half of the show to tie up loose ends on that topic and answer questions that came up during the week. I had to prerecord this show, so I know that Mr. Sardi bubbled over with other helpful tidbits.

Simon Cheng, founder and CEO of Pique Tea is my second guest. We talk about drinking tea for its antioxidant content, sustained energy without jitters and surprisingly, to feed our good bacteria. He has developed a line of ultra-pure, delicious and uniquely convenient (no bags) herbal, green and black teas. I now enjoy reducing my stress by drinking tea instead of coffee.

*Bill Sardi is a brilliant and prolific author, science investigator, and crusader for sanity in health care. He is also the sharpest supplement formulator I have found. (For example:  Longevinex 866-405-4000, Molecular Multi 800-247-5731, Garligest for heartburn and Garlinex 866-674-3955).email =