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December 4th, 2021 Guest: Bill Sardi

December 4, 2021

Our respected resident health investigative journalist, Bill Sardi, has done it again! This is groundbreaking and your lives may never be the same after hearing this information. Mr Sardi analyzed the science and talked to experts around the world to answer two critical questions and more (1) Vitamin D is extremely beneficial, but why does it not always perform as expected in studies? (2) When we are seriously ill (think pneumonia or even cancer) how can we effectively activate macrophages (those powerful Pacman-like immune cells) without having them get carried away and cause damage from excess inflammation? Because of several clinical trials underway, someday in the future we will hear these answers, but you can hear them now on Healthy by Nature and most likely we will save lives while we wait. This links to his article exclusively for HBN on the topic. (It will be easier to understand after he explains it on the show.) He also has an important new article on covid-19, The Worst That Could Happen. It is about how to keep the spike protein from getting into the mitochondria of the cells. (They are the power source for cell function.) to access Japanaese MAF 702-682-9945

Mr. Sardi’s formulations:


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