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January 22nd, 2022 Guest: Dr Sherry Rogers, MD

January 22, 2022

We are honored to welcome Sherry Rogers, MD back to the show. This brilliant doctor is accredited in 4 medical specialties and is the author of 16 truly groundbreaking books. Her book topics range from depression and heart disease to pain, detoxification and cancer. One of her latest, How to Cure Diabetes provides valuable insights for Alzheimer’s and virtually any other condition. Visit Prestige Publishing (or call 800-846-6687) to purchase any of her titles; to subscribe to her extremely well-researched newsletter; and to learn how to make a telephone consultation appointment with her. Give the discount code P129P to save 20% on books and the newsletter (which is available in print or as email.)  We will start the show focused on the description from her December 2021 Total Health Newsletter about how we may have unknowingly been making ourselves more vulnerable to covid and its effects. We will also answer listener questions as time permits.


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